Meet the Band

Michelle Nisewaner

Lead Vocals

Michelle began singing at the age of two to the sounds of Roberta Flack and The Rolling Stones.  Growing up singing was simply something she enjoyed.  It wasn't until her early 20's that Michelle found her vocal independence Her passion for our veterans is clear through many years of involvement with American Legion, Wounded Warrior VFW and other volunteer veteran events,   She has sung the National Anthem for many public events including the WWBenifit concert at Pier 6.  Michelle's may have a shy quiet demeanor but with her dynamic, powerhouse vocals, Michelle can stand tall alongside her all-male band mates.

Aaron Fuller

Lead Vocals

Aaron was born naked and much shorter. He claims his musical ability comes from the bite of a radioactive songbird, and he has vowed to use his powers only for good rock and roll, because with great range comes great responsibility. His previous band was Shotgun Shack.

Jim Frattali

Lead Guitar & Vocals

Jim has been playing guitar for over 30 years and has been in several successful local acts from the 80s/90s metal band, Firestorm, to modern rock acts Smash Radio and Primed, to classic rock bands Bad Habits and Midnite Run. He's played more venues in and around Baltimore than he can remember. In the nineties Jim toured the East Coast with Firestorm as the band pursued a professional music path. But time has since passed and Jim is now content to be a weekend warrior playing in a serious act that allows him to fulfill his passions of playing electric guitar and entertaining others. Jim takes playing cover music very seriously and his approach is to emulate the guitar tone and style of the original artist's recording. Jim also appreciates all genres of music and his guitar style draws from numerous and diverse influences from classic rock gods like Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and David Gilmour to hard rock gunslingers like Eddie Van Halen, Glenn Tipton, and Angus Young. Jim has always been comfortable on stage and he has always enjoyed passing on the energy he derives from playing music to the audience. Jim just loves to rock!!!

Erik Kaniecki

Bassest, Vocals

Kaniecki started out playing rhythm guitar in his teens, becoming totally immersed in the 80’s metal scene. After serving his country and then wandering aimlessly for years (having four beautiful children in the process), he heard his higher calling to pick up the bass guitar and has never looked back.With influences ranging from Cliff Burton to John Paul Jones to James Jamison, his love of the low end and his classic, powerful sound make our newest addition to the band a perfect fit.

Eric Simball

Keyboards Synthesizer

Eric started his first rock and roll band in Jr. High School in New York City. Took two music lessons in his life. Inspired by Greg Rolie, organ player and one of the founders of Santana, Greg Allman of the Allman Brothers, Jimmy Smith, Rick Wakeman of Yes, Keith Emerson, he fell in love with the mighty Hammond Organ. Although not willing to risk a hernia gigging with one of his 3 full size Hammond/Leslie rigs regularly, he plays the sounds on a modern Hammond portable.  He loves live performance and is happy to have found Midnite Run. 

Larry Goren

Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Manager

Larry is not only the Rhythm Guitarist, he is also the Bands Manager.  His vision is to ensure that the Bands performance is of the highest quality so that our audiences are always looking forward to our next show.  Larry is passionate about supporting our men and woman in the military (active duty or retired) by raising funds and recognizing them at every performance. He feels very strongly about giving back to those who sacrifice so much every day so that we Americans can enjoy our freedom.  Larry's musicality dates back to the 70s and thus the foundation of the classic rock that Midnite Run performs.  Should you every have any questions or need any information on the band, please do not hesitate to contact him.  410-530-3164 or leave a message on this page. 

Dave Rest


Dave Rest is an experienced, versatile rock and blues drummer, who can easily adapt to almost any musical genre. Having first started drumming at the age of 13. He’s played large venues such as Power Plant Live in Baltimore (opening for Extreme), the Allegheny County Fairgrounds (opening for Exile), and Westminster Park for Sundays in the Park . Dave’s also played smaller venues such as KCLingers in Hanover, PA ; Du Claw in Baltimore, MD ; and Bare Bones in Ellicott City, MD.

Dave’s bands have performed at charity events for organizations including the American Cancer Society and Sail Baltimore. Some of his previous credits include: The Incognito Band, Lenny Skynny, Go Figure, and the Channel Cats. Dave’s also had the opportunity to perform with Gilby Clarke (Guns N’ Roses) and Earl Slick (John Lennon, David Bowie).

His fellow musicians appreciate Dave’s instinctive sense of timing and his ability to always find the right groove. Mark Hudson, songwriter and producer, said about Dave’s drumming “…you do ROCK!”Dave, a Baltimore native, is known for playing drums without his shoes, and has been dubbed “The Barefoot Drummer” by band mates.